We love the pope cos he smokes dope

it is an old T-shirt that comes from the 70’s my brother actually have one when we were living in Rome Italy, I actually got this photograph that you see right here from this specific Pot Weed Website listed in this line of words where you can actually claim on the link and you can then visit the website for yourself and check out the funny and useful pins tthat they have attached to that board.

dope weed pot

I was reading a very interesting article written by the Thomas Cheng Marketing LinkedIn authors, they mention how useful cannabis, or marijuana however you want to call it is for medical treatment, and it cures a lot more than what you really do think it does, it is the use for medical reasons and not obviously abuse, it should be at this point legalize where everybody should have access to it at a reasonable price.

I noticed that it is secure or even for reducing the chances of encountering liver diseases or even diabetes, some specialists say it can also cure cervical cancer and many other kinds of cancers while they are developing. There is a massive list of what it does in the way on this Alternative News websites that I thought you all would like to visit.